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Short Films Wanted! A directory and a comprehensive list of announcements and calls from everyone who wants your short films: short film buyers and distributors who are looking for shortz; special showcases, exposure opportunities and short film festivals who need your short movies; film investors and movie financiers who want to give you money to produce short films; dedicated foundations and other non-for-profits giving grants to short filmmakers; TV stations and TV channels seeking for shorts; streaming portals and video websites that are hungry for your short films and all others with quite extensive descriptions all for short filmmakers and their short movies. Join today! Recommends:

Short Films Wanted! News Welcomes You!Short Films Wanted!

Short film business is growing! New opportunities for short films are opening every day. The "Short Films Wanted!" database is a complete directory of such opportunities. It will help you to make most out of your short films.

Our directory includes all the amazing opportunities for short filmmakers. It's a must-have source for you and your short film!

See what you are about to get access to:

More than 200 opportunities! We continuously add more and more new calls for short films for you to expore.

All the opportunities are given with details and even advices! All is brand new! All is what you need!

In this directory you will find: calls and announcements from short film buyers and distributors, who are looking for your shorts; traditional and online showcases, who want to have your short films; cinemas and festivals, who need your short movies; investors and financiers, who will give you money to produce your short films; foundations and funds, giving grants to short filmmakers; TV stations and TV channels, seeking for shortz; and others.

Some calls for short films can't be found anywhere else! They are new and come to us exclusively from the announcers. And some are from the movie industry's big names!

All together they create a huge up-to-date directory of excellent opportunities for short films and filmmakers.

Search no more! Finally, there is a ONE STOP SOURCE of short films opportunities!

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