Singapore enrichment centres for children

Enrichment Classes and After Care Programmes – Which is Better?

In the past, most busy parents in Singapore make arrangements for someone to supervise their kids after school until they arrive. The same cannot be said right now.

With the prevalence of enrichment centers in Singapore, many parents now send their kids to enrichment centers when they are done with school.

These centers offer classes that will help kids develop new interests, improve their current skills, make new friends, and most importantly, have fun.

As a curious parent, a part of you may wonder if enrichment classes are the same as after care programs.

In this article, we will take a close look at enrichment classes and after care programs, with a view to helping you learn what they are all about. Read here for more information on enrichment classes available in Singapore.

What are enrichment classes?

Many people mistake enrichment classes with after care programs and tutoring services because they all focus on helping kids learn.

Well, the truth is that enrichment classes offer a lot more than after care programs. They teach subjects outside the curriculum of subjects that are taught in schools. Below are some of them.

  • Music
  • Coding
  • Art
  • Sports
  • Dancing
  • Foreign language

Enrichment classes can help kids learn quicker because their curriculum is flexible and their teachingapproach is engaging and exciting. What’s more, they help kids learn about complex subjects while having fun.

So if for example, you enroll your child in a cooking enrichment class, he will learn about chemistry and measurement when he is measuring and mixing ingredients. He may also learn how to get along with other kids and solve problems.

As mentioned above, there are different types of enrichment classes in Singapore. While all of them are great, not all of them will be suitable for your little one.

So, before making a final decision, you must learn about your kid’s interest and their existing skill. You should pick a class that your kid enjoys and can build his confidence and talents.

What are after care programs?

The difference between after care programs and enrichment classes is the activities that are doneand their time duration.

After care programs usually last for two to three hours. During this period, kids are taught a variety of subjects and engage in different activities. Some after care programs offer kids an option to learn about school-related tasks that will help them kids soar academically.  

Enrichment classes, on the other hand, only last for an hour and focus on a single subject.  

Enrichment class vs. after care programs

Enrichment classes and after care programs are great, but they have their fair share of downsides. To choose between them, you have to consider the needs of your child and what you want to help him achieve.

Final note

As a parent who wants the best for his kid, you are always ready to go the extra mile to help your kid learn new things and improve his existing skill.

Enrichment classes and after care programs are excellent avenues that can arm your kids with skills that will help them do better academically and have fun.