Should Schools Interfere in the Lunchboxes of Kids

Should Schools Interfere in the Lunchboxes of Kids?

From the vast amounts of information being broadcast on a daily basis, one basic that remains quite a constant are the eating habits of people. Discussions galore do the rounds where the subject of school interference in the lunchboxes of children has been openly debated. Let us look at whether it is necessary or not.

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1. Parents are the first authority on what they want to feed their kids. The lunchbox of every child differs based on various factors. Many children bring lunch laden with transfat food, which is quite detrimental to their overall health. From the point of view of the school, if the child displays a lack of concentration because of a diet rich in cholesterol or fats, they can bring it to the notice of the parents. It may be well received or not, but the school cannot dictate what a parent packs for the child.

2. The other sides of the coin are kids who bring healthy food to school and feel the need to indulge occasionally in something that is fun rather than boring veggies. Due to this, they may find themselves taking back their lunch because their classmates carry tasty food which smells nice causing the child without to rebel and lose focus in the classroom. From the point of view of the educator, it can cause a problem because the child who is hungry may throw tantrums resulting in the rest joining the chorus.

3. At the nursery school Singapore options are provided in the canteen that enables children of all ages to choose their meal for the day. Given the fact that nursery kids may opt for something unhealthy, the staff in the lunchroom may insist on a coupon system so that children eat what is provided for the day, based on parental preferences.

4. When the school interferes in the lunchboxes of children, it signals that they have taken over to adopt a Big Brother approach, which is not a requisite. Parents are the guardians and should be allowed to pack whatever they deem fit for the child. During parent-teacher meets, bringing up the issue may be a good idea. The objective is not to keep kids trim but to encourage their minds to work well.

Making the school police kids is not the agenda. By being too strict with food, children will tune out and pretty much lose attention. Parents, who notice too much of interference may remove their kids from schools that interfere. In sum, schools should not dictate terms, when it comes to the lunchboxes of kids.