SFW Disclaimer

ShortFilmsWanted.com’s Disclaimer:

Please seek permission before sending materials.

When we hear filmmakers saying that they had some bad experience with certain companies, we add a line: “IMPORTANT:

SOME FILMMAKERS DO NOT RECOMMEND” in the end of their description. However, that doesn’t mean that those companies are illegal or practice something illegal. You still may try to contact them, but being prepared. We also encourage filmmakers to post their comments with good bad or other experience.

We don’t guarantee services of any company listed in our database. Sometimes, we add filmmakers’ comments, but you’ll have to check the companies you are going to work with by yourself. We are not responsible for these companies.

We are not associated with any of these companies. We didn’t get a payment or any other compensation from any of them. Inclusion into the directory is free.

We don’t include those companies who don’t have a website or email address. This is the online directory and it is much more convenient for our buyers to get direct access to the companies they are interested in.

Though our directory is brand new and always updated, some addresses may not be valid anymore as companies are opening and closing every day in this struggling business. We try to maintain our database updated.

We include only those companies, who don’t ask for money from filmmakers! Showcases, Distributors, Buyers, non-fee Festivals and others, who short filmmakers would definitely benefit from.

All the material published on the site belong to us and you only allowed to publish them elsewhere with our permission and with a link to our site.