Thank you for your interest in the “Short Films Wanted!” database. Here are some of our answers to some of your possible questions:

What’s included in the database?

Absolutely all the announcement for short filmmakers. Calls from TV and Internet channels, notices from distributors, buyers and cinemas, announcements from non-fee festivals and showcases, information on grants and financing opportunities, etc.

Is there enough contact information of each listing in your database, so I could contact them directly?

Yes, we have included all the contact details of the companies listed in the database, especially their e-mail addresses, as it’s the easiest way to get in touch with them.

What else do you include in the listing?

We include: website address, name of the company (title), e-mail address, contact person, physical address, description, and other information (submission requirements, deadlines, payment amount, eligibility, tape format, etc.)

Are there only festivals and other venues that take fees from filmmakers in the database?

No, we don’t include those who want something from filmmakers on purpose and who want filmmakers to pay. We believe that they have to either pay filmmakers or provide them with free exposure and other opportunities. Festivals and other showcases with fees are not included in our database.

What are your sources of information?

We get it all from searching through the industry publications: magazines and journals, e-zines and newspapers; different short film venues and marketplaces; mailing lists and membership organizations; film groups and professional forums; Internet; directly from the announcers, from members, and other our contacts.

Is your information reliable?

Yes, it’s checked twice before we included it into our database.

How current are your listings and are they regularly updated?

The database is always current and we add new calls continuously as they appear. Most of the listings are ongoing (have no deadlines) and don’t need to be updated. Each listing in the “Short Films Wanted!” database has all contact details, so you can always check with that exact company on their current situation and get updates.

How do I become a member of ShortFilmsWanted.com?

Please, click the “Register” link on the header or footer section of our site and then follow the process. You would need to link to us from your website’s main page to become a member. We want to give the opportunity to join to everyone interested in the information we provide with. Help us out.

I have another question, how can I ask before buying?

Send it via our contact form to Administrator of the site with the subject: QUESTION.