Unraveling the mystery of Pre-schooling

Unraveling the mystery of Pre-schooling

Parents are always excited when it comes to taking their child to school for registration. And you know what? When it comes to getting their kids enrolled into one preschool or another, the feeling is not any different. But while this is so much fun for many parents, a lot of them still do not know when their kids are supposed to go for pre-schooling. So whenever others are talking about pre-schooling, it sounds like a mystery to them.

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In view of that, this post will be helping you put to rest whatever difficulties you’ve been having concerning pre-schooling and how it can be beneficial to your kids. To get us started on this, we’ll be reading a well-written piece by this author.


The difference between Nursery and Pre-nursery

This point is where most people get it all wrong. They use nursery, pre-nursery and pre-schools interchangeably. While it is excusable to use them interchangeably at some point, there are clear distinctions between these terms. Let us hear what this author has to say:

Nursery and Pre-nursery are types of preschools. Pre-nursery is usually for the children up to three years of age. On the other hand, Nursery is generally for children of four years of age.

Preschool education plays a vital role in a child’s life. A child is exposed to the learning environment before the beginning of the formal schooling. Read more here!

From the above write-up, you can easily understand that both nursery and pre-nursery are all types of pre-schooling into primary schools. So whatever learning processes pupils go through before acquiring a proper school education could be regarded as pre-schooling at that level.

The above piece also emphasized that since nursery is generally for kids that are up to four years old, pre-nursery is usually for kids that are not up to four years. According the author, kids acquire a lot of skills when they go through pre-nursery schools. One of the benefits of such schooling is the ability to socialize with other kids. Naturallylearning.co.uk has this to say:


Making new friends

Kids do not do well academically when they have difficulties socializing with others in their age group. Unfortunately, when pupils are not doing well because of poor social skills, it becomes a cause for concern for any school management. This author explains it in this perspective.


Have you ever been to a parent and toddler group and by the time you leave, your little one is firm friends with another child? It doesn’t take long for children to build strong relationships. Children are naturally friendly and curious – they will approach their peers and make friends with ease. Read more here!

A solid point has been made in the above article – kids at their early age find it very easy to make friends and create bonds with others. In other words, this author is admonishing you to equally have some confidence in private nursery’ pre-schooling. They are as good as their school counterparts.

Kids develop various skills at an incredible rate when they are happy and full of confidence. Stats show that kids that have been subjected to these pre-schooling set-ups do well when they become old enough to begin nursery or primary schools. Mindchampsorg.wordpress.com throws more light on the implication of pre-schooling in a place like Singapore.


A Preschool Programme

The definition of pre-schooling in Singapore is not different from what it is in other parts of the world. From this author’s definition, you can tell that it is still centered on the basic components of learning. A word from the horse’s mouth will be better off.

In Singapore, preschool is used as a general term which refers to any institution providing early childhood care and education services.

On the other hand, there are two types of early childhood education providers who offer preschool programmes, namely childcare centers and kindergartens. Read more here!

If you’ve read the above link carefully, the two category of early childhood care providers in Singapore are the Kindergarten and childcare centers. The post also states that there are lots of childcare centers and kindergarten spread across Singapore. This goes to tell you that these institutions have been existing for quite some time, and you can always count on their services.

While childcare centers open their doors to children who are as young as 18 months, kindergartens only deal with kids that are between the ages of 3 to 6 years.