Benefits of playing keyboard

The benefits of music have been recognized centuries ago. But did you know keyboard as such has a lot of benefits to offer In the recent years, the benefits of playing keyboard has been recognized. The keyboard is said to be a good way to improve your creativity, fun and joy. In this article, you will see the various benefits of playing keyboards.

The keyboard is different from the piano, and is definitely a cheaper investment overall. If you are looking for keyboard classes, Ossia Music School is just the place. They conduct classes for adults and children, and also have short-term classes if you are unsure of committing to learning this instrument long-term. For where to learn keyboard Singapore, you should definitely check them out.

People who are good at keyboard are said to be highly intelligent in the classroom. In a recently conducted study, it was observed that students who learnt keyboard scored higher in test of general and spatial cognitive areas than the rest of the class. These students were also seen scoring better in mathematics especially in topics such as ratios and proportions.

Playing keyboard improves the brain function by increasing the neural connections in the brain. It was seen that neural firings happened when a person was playing music on instruments such as the keyboard.

In a study conducted, it was noticed that kids who learnt keyboard had a larger vocabulary compared to those who didn’t. This not only helped in language development but also helped them to pick up foreign languages more easily. Adults too who were exposed to a musical background such as keyboard or piano seem to have picked up foreign languages faster than the others. This is said to be due to the increased brain activity.

A person playing music, is said to have increased levels of Human Growth Hormone (HGH). The increased production of this hormone in the body decreases pain and aches in the body which occurs due to age. An increased level of HGH slows down osteoporosis, increases energy levels, sexual function and muscle mass.

It can be noticed that a good keyboardist can play two notes simultaneously or play a series of notes successively without much time gap to think about the next notes. This comes with a lot of practice. Initially they too must have found it difficult to move their hands that way but with practice they developed the ability to focus on multiple things simultaneously. While playing keyboard it is not just the hand movements that need focus, one should also read the notes which are sitting in front. This requires a lot of focus.

To acquire all these advantages, it is vital that people learn keyboards. They can take up help from keyboard classes Singapore or self-tutor themselves.