Benefits of Montessori style of teaching

As parents we are often left in the lurch about the various styles of teaching various schools propagate and all we want is to help our child learn better. Many schools propagate the Montessori style of teaching which had been developed by Dr. Maria Montessori. This kind of teaching encourages children to direct the pace of studying and helps them direct the teacher. This style of teaching is time tested for over 100 years and is the preferred choice for many prestigious schools across the world. It uses course material and activities that are age appropriate. The Montessori style of teaching shapes children into well rounded and competent human beings and also helps them direct the teacher towards their interests and how they want to approach a topic of study. The Montessori style of teaching has proven to be a preferred style of teaching for many schools and preschools and parents prefer this style of teaching over any other methodology, because of the many advantages they see.

Let us take you through some of the very evident benefits of the Montessori style of teaching.

It focuses on the development of each stage, key for the child

This style of teaching focuses on parameters which are very important for the child. There are some key developmental phases every child goes through. The Montessori style of teaching focuses on these developmental phases from 3-5 years old. The comparatively younger children are guided to develop their language skills and large muscle skills, while older kids are encouraged to develop other skills such as completing their day to day activities, arts and crafts and cooking skills as well. They are also taken to small trips and special events to increase their exposure to the world and learn many new things.

It encourages children to mingle and cooperate

The Montessori style of teaching is largely guided by students and the teacher is there to guide and support the children. Hence the overall idea is to help children develop a sense of community and play with each other by building trust and cooperating with each other. These are all directed by the children themselves and ably guided and supervised by the teacher. The children learn to care and share through these activities and teachers help them to achieve this milestone towards building social skills.

It inspires creative thinking through learning

Since this style of teaching is largely guided by children and directed by teachers it encourages creative thinking as children are given the freedom to choose their activities. This kind of a classroom setup gives birth to creative thinking wherein children accomplish tasks for the joy of doing things and learning through them rather than awaiting results through them. It broadens their knowledge and teaches them that creativity and independence is very important to achieve success in life and one should do things because it interests them and not because it has to be done. Hence creative learning is also preached through the Montessori style of teaching.

It takes care of the individual interests of the child and factors in individual learning capacity

Hence it is essential to enrol your child in a kindergarten in singapore that has a montessori style of teaching